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Since the first vintage in 1992, Mulderbosch has endeavored to represent innovation, flair and excellence. This basic winemaking ethos prevails to this day, and whilst the range of wines we produce has increased, we are more committed than ever to create wines that proudly display the Mulderbosch seal of approval, yet continue to push the frontiers of winemaking and viticulture in order to satisfy our loyal supporters around the globe.

Heavily invested in agriculture as we are, Mulderbosch relishes the opportunity to preserve and improve all our vineyards and surrounding lands for the next generation. We see ourselves as custodians in this regard and as such are actively involved in land conservation and rehabilitation through initiatives such as the Biodiversity and Wine Initiative (BWI) which aims to conserve marginal habitats overlapping the Cape’s vineyard footprint.

Aside from this direct involvement in conservation, we observe a pragmatic approach to viticulture whereby each farming action is carefully weighed against its impact to the vine’s environment. Our belief in the importance of soil health has lead to intensive cover-cropping in order to preserve and increase topsoil condition, and the implementation of an intensive composting program whereby our entire grape production is composted and returned to the soils from whence they came.

Limited Special Releases

The Cape offers a myriad of viticultural opportunities to those lucky enough to make wine in these spectacular surroundings. Our Special Releases are the culmination of rigorous evaluations of each vineyard used to create Mulderbosch wines.

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